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afterglowstar's Journal

afterglow star ~ korean entertainment rpg
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Afterglow Star is, simply, a non-au Korean entertainment roleplaying game run solely by muses.

o1. This is a muse-driven game. Roleplay mainly takes place over aim (style to be agreed upon by muns).

o2. Claim limit is 3 muses. Holds are allowed for five days.

o3. The activity requirement is one post a month for right now. Post count is based off updates in your muse's personal journal. You do not have to friend everyone in the community, we're still small enough that a mod can check each journal.

o4. Cut lists are made on the first of the month. A warning list for muses who have not posted yet will go up a few days before the actual cut. New muses are exempt from inactivity cuts pending they've claimed 1-3 days before the list is made.

o5. Besides community posts, the Afterglow Star community itself should be used as a communication board of sorts. This includes text messages/voice mails, action posts, and anonymous deliveries. Let's say, for example, Sungmin has decided to finally go insane, shave his head, and paint the living room pink...make a post saying so! This is something his roommates would notice and a great opportunity for interaction. Muses can also send each other anonymous notes/gifts/etc through the agsbot account. Contact a moderator if you're interested.

o6. Keep IC and OOC separate. Mun conversations are to be kept between muns.

o7. Uber: this is the muse outside the game who knows as much as his/her mun (alternately, it can be thought of as breaking the 4th wall). Please keep these posts in personal journals and off the community, with the exception of action posts, which, by their nature, tend to be uber.

o8. Please make sure to note absences with a hiatus post (if you'll be gone more than two weeks and cannot be active in the community) or a notice of unavailability (if you'll be in and out less frequently but can still make the two week posting requirement). Contacting a moderator is fine as well.

o9. Three strikes and you're out. While the mod team is highly lenient, there are limits to what can and cannot occur in-game. This includes (but is not limited to): extended and obviously ooc behavior in a muse, a consistent lack of realism (i.e. if your muse is scheduled to be in Japan doing a tv show for the next week, it doesn't really make sense to have them fly off to Korea for a tea party with their friends at that very same time), and constant metagaming.

1o. If you're going to use your journal for more than one game, please keep your filters straight for the sake of both games.

Just because a group isn't on the claims list doesn't mean they can't be claimed, it just means nobody from said group has been claimed yet.

Claiming is semi-anonymous. No mun information is required when claiming at the community but emailing mun contact information to the moderators is required for approval. This is mainly to prevent abuse of the anonymity of the community and so that the moderators can keep in touch with the community members should they need to.

Muse claim form
Please title and tag your post with "claim"

Mun contact info
Send this to afterglowstar[at]gmail[dot]com
Suject Line: [muse's name] Claim
Journal: a livejournal isn't required but if you'd like to leave it, feel free

Rooming Arrangements
Dong Bang Shin Gi
Super Junior

Disclaimer: Afterglow Star is for entertainment purposes only. All works contained within this community (including individual journals) are fiction.