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mun: back on the 22nd, unless I decide to extend my stay.

this applies to ryeowook & yunho

[mod] Cut List

It's been a week so here's our cut list:


That said, we need more members. What does that mean for you? If/when they show up, you need to be on your A game and active. Yeah, I know we all have lives but we also need to make this work if we want to keep doing it.

So go out, invite your friends, mention things in passing, and maybe we'll wake this place up again.


Name: Lee Sungmin
Journal: pumpkinbun
Aim: bunbunpie4u

It's nice to come home again.


[mod] OH HI

It's been a while.

I'm looking to clean this place up and try and make it work again. Who's still in and who's out? Anybody who doesn't reply by October 4th is cut, no questions asked and no reasons expected.

Also, text me, brats. +______+

Hiatus lifted

I'm back. :>

...unless mun gets quarantined for swine flu again. _ ___;

off hiatus


HIATUS! Until probably the 20th. :x Finals and graduation are coming up and I've got a million and ten things to do. This applies to Ryeo and Ho - but you can catch them this summer!


[[ I don't think that there's anything more to say here but thank you for having him and giving him the best days of his life ♥ ]]

Apr. 13th, 2009

note for dbsk, assuming everyone is in japan - left on the fridge

Out for the night. Don't wait up - get your rest. See you in the morning~ ^.^